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Digital Citizens, Please add to this list of sources for technology information!


Get R E A L is an easy approach to analyzing the validity of a website by Alan November

R = Read the URL

E = Examine the content

A = Ask about the author and publisher

L = Look at the Links


Evaluating websites


Ribble, Mike, and Gerald Bailey. Digital Citizenship in Schools. Washington, D.C. : ISTE, 2007. (Ask Mrs. Hayes to borrow this book.)


Copyright music video


ISTE -- extensive list on Digital Citizenship


Moving at the Speed of Creativity


20 blogs for the Tech Savvy




Digital Citzenship powerpoint


Classroom 2.0


Digital Citizenship.net


Ruben Puentedura's blog


Lisa Hill's tech blog


Farmgirl librarian


Technology in the Middle


Scott McLeod's tech blog


Vermont librarian Pam Burke's blog


Blogging about the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom




NPR's All Tech Considered


New York Times Technology


Washington Post Technology


Vermont Online Library






The Journal




Common Sense Media


Digiteen: Digital Citizenship for Teenagers


Alan November


David Warlick


Global Education Collaborative


Infinite thinking machine


Learning with Lucie






Delicious Social Bookmarking for Kids








NPR Technology Podcasts


Technology Review podcasts


Twit TV's Tech Guy podcasts


CNET podcast central


Buzz Out Loud podcasts


PB wiki




Teacher Tube tutorial on Xtranormal  (just video)


YouTube tutorial on Xtranormal (verbal instructions as well as video) 


Slideshare tutorial on Xtranormal


Example of content rich Xtranormal -- Scroll down to Class 1: Production and Intracellular Transport - Started: May 18th


Platforms for creating movies: Xtranormal and more 


MeMoov movie


MeMoov basic tutorial


MeMoov character tutorial


Free tech for teachers






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