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Digital literacy

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While schools have made great progress in the area of technology infusion, much remains to be done. A renewed focus must be made on what technologies must be taught as well as how it should be used. New technologies are finding their way into the work place that is not being used in schools (e.g., videoconferencing, online Course Management Systems). In addition, workers in many different occupations need information when they need it (just-in-time information). This process requires sophisticated searching and processing skills (i.e., information literacy). Learners must be taught how to learn in a digital society. In other words, learners must be taught to learn anything, anytime, anywhere.  Business, military, and medicine are excellent examples of how technology is being used differently in the 21st century. As new technologies emerge, need to learn how to use that technology quickly and appropriately. Digital Citizenship involves educating a new breed of person—information workers with a high degree of information literacy skills. Mike Ribble


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Prompt: Create an instructional video showing a Google application in action.
















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