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Digital law

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"Digital law deals with the ethics of technology. Unethical use manifests itself in form of theft and/or crime. Ethical use manifests itself in the form of abiding by the laws of society. Users need to understand that stealing or cause damage to other people’s work, identity, or property online is a crime. There are certain rules of society that fall under illegal acts. These laws apply to anyone who works or plays online. Hacking into others information, downloading illegal music, plagiarizing, creating destructive worms, viruses or creating Trojan Horses, sending spam, or stealing anyone’s identify or property is unethical." Mark Ribble


PROMPT: How do conduct yourself digitally when nobody is watching? What ethics will you emphasize to your students? What rights and responsibilities do digital citizens have in the realm of law?



Vermont cellphone driving law





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WATCH: Video on computer piracy


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LISTENFacebook sues German competitor




















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